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Sun Jul 15 13:42:18 BST 2007

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>Hi all,
>I've got a strange problem with kmail that I cannot
>explain to myself and I don't even know where to look to
>find a solution. Sometime, while I'm writing a message (or
>a reply) the editor becomes very slow, I mean it shows me
>keys I pressed even 10 seconds late. The strange fact is
>that the machine does not seem busy, and in fact I ran top
>and vmstat and nothing strange appears. Moreover, I'm able
>to switch to another application and to get it working
>normally, thus I suspect it's a problem of kmail itself.
>I'm running the latest stable version (the one with kde
>3.5.7) on an ubuntu 7.04 machine, and the only
>customization is about the use of spamassassin as spam
>filter. Could it be this that slows down the editor? Any
>idea about this problem?

hi Luca,

    this is a problem of your network not a problem of kmail.
Sometimes when you download a program or a file, or your network send a data 
you're writing is more slow.

>Finally, a side question: any idea about why I cannot add
>the "new message" button to the button bar? I've tried but
>it is never visible on the bar....


Tolls -> Configuration toll bar


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