kmail slows when typing

fluca1978 at fluca1978 at
Sun Jul 15 11:43:06 BST 2007

Hi all,
I've got a strange problem with kmail that I cannot 
explain to myself and I don't even know where to look to 
find a solution. Sometime, while I'm writing a message (or 
a reply) the editor becomes very slow, I mean it shows me 
keys I pressed even 10 seconds late. The strange fact is 
that the machine does not seem busy, and in fact I ran top 
and vmstat and nothing strange appears. Moreover, I'm able 
to switch to another application and to get it working 
normally, thus I suspect it's a problem of kmail itself.
I'm running the latest stable version (the one with kde 
3.5.7) on an ubuntu 7.04 machine, and the only 
customization is about the use of spamassassin as spam 
filter. Could it be this that slows down the editor? Any 
idea about this problem?

Finally, a side question: any idea about why I cannot add 
the "new message" button to the button bar? I've tried but 
it is never visible on the bar....

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