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Alan Chandler alan at
Sun Jan 7 11:41:59 GMT 2007

On Sunday 07 January 2007 10:53, kitts wrote:
> Is there a better way to manage USB and CDROM media?
> When i insert a CDROM into the drive i get a popup asking me what i
> want to do? I i open in a new window, i get the CDROM icon on my 
> desktop and am able to browse it. But if i choose to cancel (so as to
> return to it later) it does not mount and hence is not visible on my
> desktop. I use kubuntu and here system->storage media gives me
> '/media' instead to 'media:/'.  I would rather that it mounts it or
> atleast shows it on the desktop and /media and mounts when clicked
> upon.
> Second, i have a backup drive that i connect over USB. I want this
> drive to be auto mounted and don't want the popup asking me what to
> do. But then i want this popup to come up for other USB media like
> for memory sticks. Is it possible to configure these options for
> specific partitions / drives / devices?

I have just been playing with something like this with my digital 

What you need to do is firstly look in the device manager for the hal 
key info.udi for the device that the volume sits on (be careful - the 
way to find out which entry it is is to look at the volume first and 
then use the key block.storage_device.  The string this refers to is 
the udi you want)

Then you need to create a file  ~/.kde/share/config/mediamanagerrc and 
in it put

[the string from info.udi]  

These two lines cause the media ioslave to automount the device when its 
plugged in.

I am not sure you can control to sufficient granularity whether a window 
pops up.  If you look at dialog that does pop up and gives you a 
selection items there is a "configure" button on the bottom left of it.  
If you select here you can "auto toggle" an action (or do nothing) 
based on the different mime types.  Mime types seems to be unmounted or 
mounted versions of various base types - so I am not sure if you can 
differenciate between disk and usb stick.

You might be able to do it with a hal fdi file - I created one (which 
goes in /etc/hal/fdi/information directory on my debian distribrution) 
which gave the device the "camera" capability - but looking at the kde 
code that allocates the mimetype it doesn't seem to differenciate 
between the different types of removeable media except camera).

Alan Chandler
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