Managing dynamically plugged media

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Sun Jan 7 10:53:55 GMT 2007

Is there a better way to manage USB and CDROM media?

When i insert a CDROM into the drive i get a popup asking me what i want to 
do? I i open in a new window, i get the CDROM icon on my  desktop and am 
able to browse it. But if i choose to cancel (so as to return to it later) 
it does not mount and hence is not visible on my desktop. I use kubuntu and 
here system->storage media gives me '/media' instead to 'media:/'.  I would 
rather that it mounts it or atleast shows it on the desktop and /media and 
mounts when clicked upon.

Second, i have a backup drive that i connect over USB. I want this drive to 
be auto mounted and don't want the popup asking me what to do. But then i 
want this popup to come up for other USB media like for memory sticks. Is 
it possible to configure these options for specific partitions / drives / 

configure desktop -> device icons does not list either of unmounted disk or 
unmounted removable media.
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