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Sat Aug 25 09:38:00 BST 2007

On Tuesday 21 August 2007 04:01:22 pm David wrote:
> Sorry, I do not know about the other questions. Only wanted to say that
> kscreensaver (maybe xscreensaver too, from what you say) holds the honour,
> in my opinion, of being the worst application in KDE, and one of the worst
> in Linux.

Seriously?  Have you ever played Kolf?

> Brief list of faults during many many years (of course, they do not happen
> all the time, but they happen at random more than 50 % of the times :-)  ):

> * Not autostarting.

WFM (Automatically after 5 minutes, power the monitor off after 30.)

> * If you make the workaround of manually locking the screen, the screen is
> locked, but the picture in the screen is your desktop as you left it (so it
> is kscreenlocker, but not saver at all).

WFM (I get my configured screensaver.)

> * The animation freezes, so I had to set the blankscreen as my "beautiful"
> screensaver.

WFM (Unless I try and use a really cool OpenGL screensaver on sub-optimal 

> * Does not work at all with transluciencies. So I cannot use them. Not
> because the graphic driver, not because kwin, but because of... guess! :-)

WFM, modulo the beryl wm stacking the unlock dialog behind OpenGL 
screensavers, sometimes.  Of course, that's not a KDE issue -- beryl is 
developed outside the KDE project.

> Come on! It is not a kernel that has to manage a workstation with 100 CPUs!
> It is a f****** sreensaver!!!!

Perhaps you should file a bug report with detailed configuration information;  
I know a number of people that use kscreensaver without encountering the 
problems you mentioned.

I do wish I could get the "sliding puzzle" screensaver to use the state of my 
deesktop when the 'saver starts as the puzzle, but all of the "desktop 
distortion"-style screensavers just use a stock "test image" instead of my 
desktop, here. :(

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