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David david.maillists at
Tue Aug 21 22:01:22 BST 2007

Sorry, I do not know about the other questions. Only wanted to say that
kscreensaver (maybe xscreensaver too, from what you say) holds the honour,
in my opinion, of being the worst application in KDE, and one of the worst
in Linux.

KDE is terrific, but you know, the screensaver is the most important
application in a desktop :-) I had always being using KDE, then I switched
to gnome for 9 months, and I am now back in KDE. Can you guess my reason for
switching to gnome? :-)

Brief list of faults during many many years (of course, they do not happen
all the time, but they happen at random more than 50 % of the times :-)  ):

* Not autostarting.
* If you make the workaround of manually locking the screen, the screen is
locked, but the picture in the screen is your desktop as you left it (so it
is kscreenlocker, but not saver at all).
* The animation freezes, so I had to set the blankscreen as my "beautiful"
* Does not work at all with transluciencies. So I cannot use them. Not
because the graphic driver, not because kwin, but because of... guess! :-)

Come on! It is not a kernel that has to manage a workstation with 100 CPUs!
It is a f****** sreensaver!!!!
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