Knetwork Computer List Truncation

Merton Campbell Crockett m.c.crockett at
Sat Aug 18 03:46:47 BST 2007

Knetwork constructs a list of all known Active Directory and NT  
domains, workgroups, and SMB or CIFS systems that are visible on a  
network.  Under SuSE Linux there is an icon for this in the KDE  
desktop.  Mac OS X appears to use a variant of this in its Finder  

The problem that we run into on our corporate network is that the  
list for the Active Directory domain is always truncated.  I'm not  
sure why someone thought it would be "good" to have all 56 sites in  
the same domain.

Is there a way to make the "table" used to maintain this list larger  
so that the entire list of systems in visible and can be searched?

Or better yet, as most of the systems are of no interest, is there a  
way to filter the list to include only local systems?

Merton Campbell Crockett
m.c.crockett at

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