Kubuntu. No access to superuser file manager on desktop

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at tiscali.fr
Sat Aug 18 20:27:54 BST 2007

This isn't strictly KDE, but more a problem with Kubuntu. There are many apps 
that normally are available on KDE's menu on other distro's, that are missing 
on Kubuntu.

I can drag konquerorsu.desktop from /usr/share/applications/kde to my desktop, 
but no icon appears for it when I click on copy to desktop. if I look 
in /home/user/desktop, konquerorsu.desktop is there, and clicking on it, a 
window appears, asking for a password. I give the password (which in the case 
of Kubuntu is the user password) , and the super user filemanager opens.

I can create the icon for it on the desktop, but cannot find the correct 
command to start it. this is a frustrating problem, as on my Debian, and 
Fedora installs the superuser filemanager is available as default in KDE's 

Any suggestions for the correct incantation to start it from the desktop?

As allways, many thanks for any help.

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