programmatic addition of sub-menu hierarchy onto kicker panel?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Fri Aug 17 23:29:57 BST 2007

On Friday 17 August 2007, Stephen Dowdy wrote:

> (I would have figured that a "directory" file would contain all the
> sub-components, rather than requiring the
> file to bind the bits together, but oh well.)

It is basically intended to separate structure from content, allowing to 
re-group items/submenus (structure) without actually altering their 
description files (content)

> I did run across 'xdg-utils' at, but i can't count on
> those being installed on the systems my end-users are using.  (And, it
> seems when i installed GoogleEarth it managed to add interfaces in
> KMenu, so i'm wondering if kdebase has the necessary components to
> script this)  [[ Ah, now that i look, it appears the googleearth installer
> is bundled with the xdg-utils ]]

It is quite likely installed, I think all current distributions ship it and it 
is, IIRC, even part of the current LSB standard.

In any case, it is (and has always been) a design goal of xdg-utils to allow 
including in third-party installers. The third party just has to make sure 
that their version is in a directory at the end of $PATH, so any distribution 
maintained (and probably adjusted) version is executed is available.

> Is there some other obvious easier way to manage this type of setup
> using the tools that come on Debian Sarge/Etch in kdebase?.  Is there
> a good documentation resource on doing this?

Probably through Debian's menu system


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