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pol linux_milano at
Thu Aug 2 15:16:40 BST 2007

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Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Thursday 02 August 2007, pol wrote:
>> I guess such users are not able to start their own dcopserver so they
>> should be  allowed to talk to the already running dcopserver.
> Every user's KDE application will start their respective basic KDE
> infrastructure, including their DCOP server.

You are right, i have checked that a dcopserver of each user is running. 

Probably troubles rise when more application are launched by guest user. 
As guest user enters (e.g. from the konqueror terminal emulation):
    dcop ksmserver default saveCurrentSession
i get 
   call failed

I do not know why the call failed, but i guess that the 'ssh - basket'
session, started before konqueror, had taken the ownership of
the /tmp/ksocket-<usernme>  directory.
(In fact, usually, users access the current X session  through ssh, then
start the desired application).

Is it possible?
In affirmative case, how to start a dcopserver accepting every requests from
a given user?
Probably having a look at the script executed by Kdm to start the dcopserver
and the ksmserver, resume the last session on opening and finally store the
current session on closing would be useful to understand the workings. 
Any ideas where is that script?

Thank you 


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