more users in the same x-session

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Thu Aug 2 18:56:00 BST 2007

On Thursday 02 August 2007, pol wrote:

> Probably troubles rise when more application are launched by guest user.
> As guest user enters (e.g. from the konqueror terminal emulation):
>     dcop ksmserver default saveCurrentSession
> i get
>    call failed

ksmserver is only running in a full sesssion, i.e. started by startkde
ksmserver is not part of the basic KDE infrastructure, since a KDE application 
can cooperate with the running session's session manager (e.g. GNOME's) if 
the session manager complies with the session manager protocol specification.

> I do not know why the call failed, but i guess that the 'ssh - basket'
> session, started before konqueror, had taken the ownership of
> the /tmp/ksocket-<usernme>  directory.
> (In fact, usually, users access the current X session  through ssh, then
> start the desired application).

This shouldn't be a problem. You'll get a DCOP server for each DISPLAY, in 
your case for each ssh session (since each ssh -X creates its own X socket)

> Is it possible?
> In affirmative case, how to start a dcopserver accepting every requests
> from a given user?

dcop --all-sessions

> Probably having a look at the script executed by Kdm to start the
> dcopserver and the ksmserver, resume the last session on opening and
> finally store the current session on closing would be useful to understand
> the workings. Any ideas where is that script?

The script is called startkde. In Debian for example /usr/bin/startkde


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