Mounting CD ROM

John john_82 at
Sat Apr 28 17:20:22 BST 2007

On Saturday 28 April 2007 16:36, Israel Goitom wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am not sure if I should be expecting this in Linux, but when I started
> using the KDE desktop I started noticing that if I boot the machine with a
> CD in I can read it, but once I remove the cd and replace it with another
> one, I can not see it at all.
> How do I get to see my CD after I have put it in the cdrom?
> Many thanks,
> Israel.
On suse the cd's automount. I can't give details but a google search for linux 
kde automount cd's should show something up. Or maybe somebody on this list 
can point you in the right direction for information.
Suse also automounts usb sticks etc but get confused with some card readers. 
It opens a konq window on boot even though there isn't a card in the reader. 
Otherwise all is ok.


Suse 10.0
KDE 3.4.2 B
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