Mounting CD ROM

Rick Miles frmrick at
Mon Apr 30 19:36:04 BST 2007

Why don't you create a desktop icon and avoid using a console to mount the 

Right click on the desktop > Create New > Link to Device > Cd-ROM Device > 

Pull down the selection list and select your device (/dev/cdrom /dev/hdb/ 

Then you will have an icon that if unmounted will mount the cd drive and open 
it up in konqueror. To unmount it close konqueror then right click icon and 
select unmount. The icon on the desktop will indicate whether it is open or 
closed. If K3b is onboard it's should show up in the cdrom's menu when you 
right click the icon.

Note that this will not overide /etc/fstab settings. If a user can notnormally  
mount the cdrom from a console they won't be able to do it with a desktop 
icon. If you have toruble with this you need to change you /etc/fstab. On our 
boxes running Slackware any user can mount and the /etc/fstab line looks like 

/dev/cdrom       /mnt/cdrom       auto        noauto,users,ro  0   0

Your distro might choose to locate /dev/cdrom in a differnt place. Leave it 
there. Also it is the "users" that makes the difference with who can mount 
the device, If it read "owner" instead and the owner was root, then only root 
could mount it although anyone else could access it once it was mounted.

Israel Goitom is a darn nice person I don't care what anybody says!
> Thanks a lot,
> With the combination of konqueror and mount and umount I am able to see my
> files now.
> Israel.
> On 4/28/07, sam < mirshafie at> wrote:
> > One way to browse a disc or removable drive in KDE is to open Konqueror
> > and
> > type system:/ in the location bar. Hard drives, optical discs and USB
> > drives
> > should show up under Storage Media. (In fact, when you open a new
> > Konqueror
> > window, you should get a screen with a shortcut named Storage Media. That
> > works too. You can access that page by typing about:konqueror in the
> > Location
> > bar.)
> >
> >
> > Since I use Konqueror for both file management and web browsing, I've set
> > my
> > first tab to be a split tree view with three system:/ panes. You can
> > split a
> > view horizontally with Ctrl+Shift+L. To keep this, configure KDE to
> > automatically save sessions in KControl, or save the session manually
> > from the K menu.
> >
> > Many distributions automatically mount CDs nowadays. If you have to/want
> > to
> > mount CDs by command line you might be interested in creating aliases.
> > Just
> > add the following two lines to ~/bashrc
> > alias mountcd='sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom'
> > alias umountcd='sudo umount /dev/cdrom'
> >
> > Sam
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