kate no longer working

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 15:15:50 GMT 2006

I posted this to the Kubuntu reflector yesterday, but so far no one
has come up with anything that works to get kate working again :-( So
I'm trying here in case someone knows what's going on (it looks like
some background KDE process has died):


I was editing several things this afternoon, and suddenly, after
working fine for ages, kate stopped working.

Now when I invoke kate I get this on the console:
$ /usr/bin/kate
kio (KSycoca): Trying to open ksycoca from /var/tmp/kdecache-n7dr/ksycoca
kio (KTrader): query for KTextEditor/Plugin : returning 4 offers

Then nothing more happens :-(

Anyone any idea what's going on? I didn't change anything at all
between a Kate session that worked and then suddenly having it not
work :-(


Logging out and back in to restart KDE is a last resort on this machine.
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