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Mitch mitch074 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 11:09:18 GMT 2006

EXE is a Portable Executable, which runs on Windows. It won't run on
Linux (except if you install Wine). Linux uses the ELF format.

In short, you don't install Windows applications on KDE; as a matter of
fact, you have a truckload of media players available, a few of them
standard in KDE (Totem) and others can be installed extremely easily
using your distribution of choice's package manager. A short list would be:
- Xine (generic player: video/music/DVD/VCD)
- Mplayer (generic player/Encoder: video/music/DVD/Streaming media)
- TVtime (Media Center replacement)
- MythTV (anything and the kitchen sink)
- the Gimp (image editing)
- XMMS (Winamp lookalike)
- GtkPod (iPod file manager).

If you REALLY want to run Windows applciations on Linux, you can try
installing Wine (free) or CrossOver Office (all-purpose, based on wine)
or Cedega (gaming oriented) to run Windows applications.

Keep in mind though, that most Windows applications have well-supported,
free, powerful equivalent:
OpenOffice.org: remove MS Office
Koffice: integrated in KDE, kicks out MS Office too
the Gimp: makes Photoshop look useless
aMsn: replaces MSN (supports webcams too).
Gaim: remove MSN/Yaho/AIM/ICQ/Jabber etc.
Internet Explorer: see Firefox or Konqueror (KDE's impressive file manager).

For other equivalents, Google is your friend.

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