KMail + Gnubiff

T E Schmitz mailreg at
Wed Nov 1 18:02:55 GMT 2006

I am currently using Thunderbird and Gnubiff as a mail notifier. I'd 
like to switch to KMail but noticed that KMail does not handle deletions 
in the same way:

Gnubiff lives on the Gnome panel. It is set to watche my IMAP mailbox 
and displays new emails in a pop-up. When a message is deleted in 
Thunderbird, it will not be listed by Gnubiff next time it refreshes.

If I delete the message in KMail, or Evolution for that matter, Gnubiff 
will continue to show this message as new mail. That means I would have 
manually to mark the Gnubiff mailbox as 'read'.

My guess is that KMail (and Evolution) just mark a message as deleted 
while Thunderbird actually moves it to a Trash folder?

Any suggestions for a work-around?

I know KMail has a mail notifier, too. But a) I prefer the way how 
Gnubiff works and b) the number of unread messages displayed by the 
KMail taskbar icon is not correct (it includes deleted, unread messages).


Best Regards,

Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz
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