Default values for ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals?

Niki Kovacs contact at
Fri Mar 31 13:24:42 BST 2006

Quoting Kevin Krammer <kevin.krammer at>:
> > Q: what can I do to make my own kdeglobals file the stock default setting?
> Usually you can place the same file into the respective global location:
> $ kde-config --expandvars --install config
> Not sure if this applies for kdeglobals as well, but you could try to copy
> the
> one of the current user to the above location and check if it is valid for
> other users as long as they have no override values themselves.


I tried what you suggested, e. g. place kdeglobals in some directory (for
example my home directory) and then issue 'kde-config --expandvars --install
config', but to no avail. Tried this as user as well as being root.

I followed some other suggestion and tried qtconfig for default font type and
size configuration, but this didn't seem to work either.

This still leaves me clueless.


PS: I'm not a developer, so go easy in your explanations...

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