Kmail and fetch mail lockup

Brett I. Holcomb brettholcomb at
Mon Mar 20 02:43:49 GMT 2006

Seems like Knode was written  by the same people unless I'm missing something 
there, too.  I've found that when I read new posts (whoops, just had to wait 
for Kmail to finish it's check) if Knode does it's scheduled check it decides 
to make what I'm reading disappear.  That is I will click on a post and have 
it's text appear in the article viewer pane.  If Knode scans the group the 
text in the view pane disappears!

On Thursday March 2 2006 11:03, Brett I. Holcomb wrote:
> Thanks to Bram Schoenmakers for pointing me to the bug about this.  I just
> wouldn't have believed that an app like Kmail in a project like KDE could
> be this braindead!
> One of the comments on the but suggested using fetchmail to get mail and
> then have KDE get it locally.  I used fetchmail to get mail for pine until
> I swithced to Kmail and then I turned fetchmail off.  How do I set KDE up
> to get mail from fetchmail.  I did some checking when I first setup Kmail
> but didn't see anything and then never got back to it.
> Thanks.
> On Tuesday February 28 2006 14:41, Brett I. Holcomb wrote:
> > I must be missing someting because I don't think Kmail would be
> > braindead. Whenever Kmail gets mail from my pop server it "locks" up -
> > that is it ignores all input and refuses to respond to any input until it
> > is done and then it starts processing input again.  I figure an app like
> > Kmail must be smarter than that and should be able to get mail while
> > still responding to input so is there a setting or configuration tips
> > that I can check.
> >
> > Thanks.


Brett I. Holcomb
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