Kmail and fetch mail lockup

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Thu Mar 2 19:43:44 GMT 2006

On Thursday 02 March 2006 11:03, Brett I. Holcomb wrote:
>Thanks to Bram Schoenmakers for pointing me to the bug about this.  I
> just wouldn't have believed that an app like Kmail in a project like
> KDE could be this braindead!
>One of the comments on the but suggested using fetchmail to get mail
> and then have KDE get it locally.  I used fetchmail to get mail for
> pine until I swithced to Kmail and then I turned fetchmail off.  How
> do I set KDE up to get mail from fetchmail.  I did some checking when
> I first setup Kmail but didn't see anything and then never got back
> to it.
Have fetchmail deliver it to the /var/spool/mail/$user file, which if 
its started as that user, and the fetchmailrc is correct, is painless.

However, recently I've plugged procmail into that because procmail can 
take care of running spamassassin for you, further reducing the hangs 
inherent in that for kmail.  The lags aren't gone, but are almost 

>On Tuesday February 28 2006 14:41, Brett I. Holcomb wrote:
>> I must be missing someting because I don't think Kmail would be
>> braindead. Whenever Kmail gets mail from my pop server it "locks" up
>> - that is it ignores all input and refuses to respond to any input
>> until it is done and then it starts processing input again.  I
>> figure an app like Kmail must be smarter than that and should be
>> able to get mail while still responding to input so is there a
>> setting or configuration tips that I can check.
>> Thanks.

Cheers, Gene
People having trouble with vz bouncing email to me should add the word
'online' between the 'verizon', and the dot which bypasses vz's
stupid bounce rules.  I do use spamassassin too. :-) and AOL/TW attorneys please note, additions to the above
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