John john_82 at
Sun Mar 19 17:12:32 GMT 2006

I would agree that adobe groans when it loads but it's way way ahead of kpdf 
in terms of display speed. I notice that kpdf seems to work about 3 pages 
ahead of the viewed page when it finally does get going. That's no where near 
enough pages when scrolling through with a wheel mouse. Me thinks some body 
has assumed that all pages will be read - that often isn't the case.

Failing to save an already downloaded file is clearly a bug or an over sight. 
Konq is probably at fault as I have had the same thing happen if I click on 
an rpm, vidio etc and don't "copy to" or "save". Happens on all files even 
html. Even Kaffiene does the same thing on save stream so maybe it's all down 
to kde.

I can't find any signs of a pdf association anywhere. What I really want to do 
is to restore konq's adobe plug in until kpdf takes a visit to hospital and 
gets better. It's in a very poor state of health at the moment. Any one know 
how to do that?


On Sunday 19 March 2006 15:56, Eyolf Ostrem wrote:
> On Sun 19 March 2006 16:43, John wrote:
> > I've just checked pdf reading with acrobat. It's instantaneous were as
> > KPDF is virtually unusable.
> Yes, once you have loaded the app, but for every-day usage, I vastly prefer
> kpdf, because it starts up very quickly, whereas Adobe... well... it takes
> its time to load.
> Of course, Adobe is the better pdf viewer, on the whole, and once in a
> while, I need the extra functionality, but most of the time - e.g. if I
> download a pdf from the net, or even worse: click on a link without
> checking that it's actually a pdf - I use kpdf, and although it's (still)
> behind, it's not THAT far behind.
> > The odobe version also gives page icons - very
> > useful if there are lots of pages.
> KPDF has page preview as well - it's just a matter of turning it on in the
> menu (Settings > Show Navigation panel).
> > I can't see any way of restoring an adobe plugin in Konq. Can some one
> > help or offer any suggestions? As far as I can see konq uses a netscape
> > pdf plugin which one would assume aught to be an adobe version. There
> > doesn't seem to be any mime type association for pdf files. So it's built
> > in??
> Can't help you with Konq, since I don't use it, but in general: Control
> centre
> > KDE Components > File associations should give you adobe back if you want
> it.
> Regards,
> Eyolf

Suse 10.0
KDE 3.4.2 B
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