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Sun Mar 19 17:40:17 GMT 2006

On Sunday 19 March 2006 18:12, John wrote:
> I would agree that adobe groans when it loads but it's way way ahead of
> kpdf in terms of display speed. I notice that kpdf seems to work about 3
> pages ahead of the viewed page when it finally does get going. That's no
> where near enough pages when scrolling through with a wheel mouse. Me
> thinks some body has assumed that all pages will be read - that often isn't
> the case.

I think if you skip pages it will not render those in between your last 
position and the new one but start with your current page.

> Failing to save an already downloaded file is clearly a bug or an over
> sight. Konq is probably at fault as I have had the same thing happen if I
> click on an rpm, vidio etc and don't "copy to" or "save".

I guess the problem could be that the embedded viewer downloads the document 
and bypasses the HTTP cache, thus when Konqueror tries to save it has to be 
downloaded again.

> I can't find any signs of a pdf association anywhere. What I really want to
> do is to restore konq's adobe plug in

Do you have it listed under Netscape plugins in Konqueror's settings?
Maybe you'll have to scan for plugins again.

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