kmail fails to send mail

jeff grant kubin3 at
Sat Mar 11 14:21:26 GMT 2006

kitts at wrote:
> I could have thought so but then i have checked those settings and then   
> cross checked with the service provider. The settings appear to be correct.
> Besides, as i have mentioned previously; it used to be working and then   
> from one fine day it is dead... ?  
> In fact, the GMail account i mentioned about uses port 587 and it works   
> fine. I could have thought that the server may be experiencing some   
> problems but then a service such as mail2web also uses the same server to   
> send my mail. so that cannot be it.  
> Another possibility is that my service provider is blocking port 25 but
> that   
> again cannot be true as another windows machine on my local network, which 
> shares the internet connection with my machine, can send mail over port 25 
> (but differrent server) without any trouble. 
> I just set my GMail server to port 25 and sent a test mail. It works
> fine... 
> --   
> Cheers!  
> kitts  
At this point my Linux technical know-how falls over! You're ahead of
me. Anyway I hope you get it sorted. These things can be incredibly



Jeff Grant

London UK
Les Rorgues France

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