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Fri Mar 10 16:57:44 GMT 2006

On Saturday 11 March 2006 00:06 IST, jeff grant wrote:  
> Being as new to Linux as I am I'm a bit wary of posting technical  
> advice!   
No problem with that... There is always a first time! :-)  
> However, when I was setting up Kmail with AOL I kept getting the   
> same message. After a lot of playing around I found the answer in the  
> port I was using to send mail (also an SMTP server) - I had to set it to  
> 587, and not the default port; and in getting the right combination in  
> the 'Security' settings. There's not much point I guess in my telling  
> you what they were, because they're unlikely to be relevant to your ISP.  
> I had no idea what AOL required - and clicking on 'Check what the server  
> requires' gave the wrong answer anyway, so I just had to play around  
> with the combinations until I got one that worked.  
I could have thought so but then i have checked those settings and then   
cross checked with the service provider. The settings appear to be correct.

Besides, as i have mentioned previously; it used to be working and then   
from one fine day it is dead... ?  
In fact, the GMail account i mentioned about uses port 587 and it works   
fine. I could have thought that the server may be experiencing some   
problems but then a service such as mail2web also uses the same server to   
send my mail. so that cannot be it.  
Another possibility is that my service provider is blocking port 25 but
again cannot be true as another windows machine on my local network, which 

shares the internet connection with my machine, can send mail over port 25 

(but differrent server) without any trouble. 
I just set my GMail server to port 25 and sent a test mail. It works

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