can't get a vanilla 3.5.1 env w/ Konstruct

Jeff Dooley jfd5xte at
Mon Mar 6 18:29:44 GMT 2006

On 3/6/06, Philip Rodrigues <philip.rodrigues at> wrote:
> Jeff Dooley wrote:
> > I'm still left wondering why my konstruct-compiled sources use
> > profiles from the kubuntu-default-settings. If someone can explain
> > that to me, I would still like to know.
> Installing a distro version of KDE alongside a self compiled version tends
> to knock up against problems like this if the distro version lives in the
> 'standard' system directories. A particular example would be binaries that
> go in $KDEDIR/bin - if $KDEDIR is /usr for your distro, then the distro KDE
> binaries go in /usr/bin, and are likely to be found first by whatever apps
> are searching your $PATH to find the distro binaries before the
> konstruct-installed binaries.
> The solution is to do one of two things: either make sure the
> distro-installed version is in a completely non-standard path, where it
> won't be found by ./configure checks or anything looking for, say
> "kde-config", or deinstall the distro version of KDE, install the konstruct
> version, then install the distro version again. Actually, I'm not sure of
> the second of those - you might end up with the same problems (it would
> make everything clean at compile time though).
> Hope some of that is useful,
> Phil

Do you think this qualifies as a bug/wish? I could go back and
uninstall the distro's version (actually, it might be simpler to
migrate to another distro), but I presumed that one of Konstruct's
stated purposes is to allow a second (or third, or fourth) KDE
installation along side a distro's without the added caveat of "kde
must not be installed in $STANDARD_UNIX_DIRECTORIES"

Just wondering,
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