If anybody else has slow web page loading in Konq

John john_82 at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Mar 5 15:51:54 GMT 2006

At last I found something on the web. This is  for suse 10 but something 
simular should apply to others.
Seems that modprobe.conf enables ipv6 but suse may change this on updates so 
changes should be place in /etc/modprobe.conf.local
Add the following lines to it:

alias net-pef-10	off
alias ipv6			off

This turns off konqs use of the ipv6 internet protocol. A network restart 
didn't have any effect I had to reboot. Konq now loads like a rocket with the 
cache turned off. (I wonder if a net cache is needed if it's allways kept in 

I'm dismayed by the above gobbledegook -   where can I find a reasonable 
account of what can be aliased and what it all means? I assume alias means 
that net-perf-10 can then be refered to as ipv6 but I am wondering why it 
wasn't called ipv6 in the first place? Could this be the reason I can't find 
out where the sun remote procedure call process is loaded or how?


Suse 10.0
KDE 3.4.2 B
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