compiling klear and kdebase-devel

Gianluca Varisco giangy at
Mon Mar 6 19:49:51 GMT 2006

Rick Miles ha scritto:
> I've just created and installed a slackpack for klear with rpm2tgz and had a 
> look. Nice ap and now I want to create a proper package to install but 
> haven't yet.

Hi Rick,

You can compile "klear" from source with the SlackBuild instead rpm2tgz 
(the devil :-). If you are interested, the SlackBuild, 
slack-desc,slack-required and latest sources are available at

- SlackBuild:

- slack-desc:

- slack-required:

- latest sources (0.5.4 - 25.01.2006)

> I get a make error saying cannot find -lxine. I have all xine, xinelib and 
> xinelib-dev installed so this must be something else. I haven't found a 
> dependency list yet for klear but I'm thinking I need something called 
> kdebase-devel.

The dependency list (or, better, slack-required) is this:

cxxlibs >= 5.0.7-i486-1
kdelibs >= 3.4.2-i486-1
libart_lgpl >= 2.3.17-i486-1
libidn >= 0.5.17-i486-1
libmng >= 1.0.5-i486-1
x11 >= 6.8.2-i486-4
xine-lib >= 1.0.3a-i686-1

> I'm thinking this is not part of a normal kde install but instead a separate 
> package. Where is the source for kdebase-devel? I can only find rpm's.

I think that you don't need to install kdebase-devel or other 
kde-related packages.

Best Regards,


giangy at

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