can't get a vanilla 3.5.1 env w/ Konstruct

Jeff Dooley jfd5xte at
Sun Mar 5 19:03:51 GMT 2006

As a followup to my own inquiry, I learned a little bit this morning
while digging around on my system. Since I've found a workaround for
the most annoying discrepancies, I'll probably stop actively hunting
for now and leave it as a "background task" for me to learn more about
kde customization as time passes.

On 3/4/06, Jeff Dooley <jfd5xte at> wrote:
> -the "window" menu in Konqy is missing (as per the default kubuntu installation)
> -the Konqy "View Profiles" include 'Kubuntu File Manager' and 'Kubuntu
> Web' instead of the vanilla KDE versions.

I created a new View Profile which, as expected, was placed into:

When I created a .desktop file to Konqy with this profile (kfmclient
openProfile THIS_IS_WACKY), it didn't appear that anything changed.
However, I noticed that when I used kdcop to open this profile, all of
a sudden, the "window" menu was back. When I went back to read the
contents of the THIS_IS_WACKY profile, I noticed the bottom line read:

I scanned over this file, which resides in the:
tree. It's purpose is clearly to modify Konq's UI, one change being to
eliminate the "window" menu.  So, I just commented-out the XMLUIFile
in the THIS_IS_WACKY profile, and now I have a konq profile that
behaves mostly as expected.

I'm still left wondering why my konstruct-compiled sources use
profiles from the kubuntu-default-settings. If someone can explain
that to me, I would still like to know.

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