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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Thu Jun 29 10:48:00 BST 2006

On Wednesday 28 June 2006 22:26, T E Schmitz wrote:
> I have been using Gnome ever since I switched to Linux but am now
> intending to move over to KDE. (I am running KDE 3.5.2.)
> I have resolved most questions except for the following:
> 1) How can I hide backup files (*~) in Konqueror and Krusader?

Good question. I think there used to be some kind of input for filtering, but 
I can't find it at the moment.
Might have been moved to a config file only setting.

> 2) When I run Galeon and Evolution, none of the icons are showing
> (except Trash and a couple of others.) I have a feeling that this might
> be the case because these two applications take their application icons
> from /usr/share/pixmaps?

They should still find their icons, they run independent from KDE. Maybe they 
are expecting some kind of environment they are not able to start themselved, 
e.g. gconf daemon or something like that.

> 3) Drawers a la Gnome Panel don't exist as far as I can see. Is this
> correct? (I'm sure you are sick of the question ;-))

I think not in the same sense. You can add submenus of the KMenu and a quick 
browser that lists the contents of a certain directory.
But I haven't used drawers at all, so I might be thinking of a completely 
different thing :)

> 4) I would like a "create symlink" in Konquerors context menu (as is
> available in Krusader and Nautilus).

If you drag&drop into a different directory, you'll get a context menu 
allowing you to create a link instead of move or copy.
If you want to do it in the same directory, hold CTRL+SHIFT when dragging 
(should also work across directories, but in this case it is required since 
otherwise the drag only moves the icon)

> 5) I notice that KDE applications have an up and a down arrow at the
> bottom of a vertical scrollbar. Can one get rid of the up arrow by any
> chance?

That is part of how a particular style renders scrollbars. It might be 
configurable for your current style or you could try a different one that 
doesn't do this.

> 6) Folder + Wastebasket Icons on the desktop or when using Icon View in
> Konqueror, do not change appearance when dragging a file across (to
> indicate the drop position). Both Winblows and Nautilus darken the
> folder and Trash icon when dragging and dropping. Is this a bug or a
> feature?

No idea, sorry.

> 7) Is it possible to have a shared Wastebasket between KDE and Gnome?

That should already work. KDE3.5 implements the trash specification GNOME and 
KDE developers agreed on through
There could of course be bugs in either implementation.


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