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T E Schmitz mailreg at
Wed Jun 28 21:26:22 BST 2006

I have been using Gnome ever since I switched to Linux but am now
intending to move over to KDE. (I am running KDE 3.5.2.)

I have resolved most questions except for the following:

1) How can I hide backup files (*~) in Konqueror and Krusader?

2) When I run Galeon and Evolution, none of the icons are showing 
(except Trash and a couple of others.) I have a feeling that this might 
be the case because these two applications take their application icons 
from /usr/share/pixmaps?

3) Drawers a la Gnome Panel don't exist as far as I can see. Is this 
correct? (I'm sure you are sick of the question ;-))

4) I would like a "create symlink" in Konquerors context menu (as is 
available in Krusader and Nautilus).

5) I notice that KDE applications have an up and a down arrow at the 
bottom of a vertical scrollbar. Can one get rid of the up arrow by any 

6) Folder + Wastebasket Icons on the desktop or when using Icon View in 
Konqueror, do not change appearance when dragging a file across (to 
indicate the drop position). Both Winblows and Nautilus darken the 
folder and Trash icon when dragging and dropping. Is this a bug or a 

7) Is it possible to have a shared Wastebasket between KDE and Gnome?


Best Regards,

Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz

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