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Fri Jun 30 12:44:12 BST 2006

Hello Kevin,
Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Wednesday 28 June 2006 22:26, T E Schmitz wrote:
>>2) When I run Galeon and Evolution, none of the icons are showing
>>(except Trash and a couple of others.) I have a feeling that this might
>>be the case because these two applications take their application icons
>>from /usr/share/pixmaps?
> They should still find their icons, they run independent from KDE. Maybe they 
> are expecting some kind of environment they are not able to start themselved, 
> e.g. gconf daemon or something like that.

Right enough, when running Gnome, some kind of on-the-fly icon 
"translation" seems to take place: this becomes apparent when using a 
different icon theme.

Question is whether whatever deamon it is that is required could be run 
when using KDE.

I am not so bothered about Galeon as I have already switched to 
Konqueror although I am still using Gnome at present. But I was 
intending to use Evolution as organizer/diary. And without icons the 
apps are useless.

>>3) Drawers a la Gnome Panel don't exist as far as I can see. Is this
>>correct? (I'm sure you are sick of the question ;-))
> I think not in the same sense. You can add submenus of the KMenu and a quick 
> browser that lists the contents of a certain directory.
> But I haven't used drawers at all, so I might be thinking of a completely 
> different thing :)

A Gnome drawer is a drop-down menu, which you can add to the panel and 
populate yourself with whatever launchers you like.

>>4) I would like a "create symlink" in Konquerors context menu (as is
>>available in Krusader and Nautilus).
> If you drag&drop into a different directory, you'll get a context menu 
> allowing you to create a link instead of move or copy.

Right enough; but that requires you to have 2 Konqueror windows.

Is it possible to add to the context menu by writing your own scripts? 
(You can do this with Nautilus.)

>>5) I notice that KDE applications have an up and a down arrow at the
>>bottom of a vertical scrollbar. Can one get rid of the up arrow by any
> That is part of how a particular style renders scrollbars. It might be 
> configurable for your current style or you could try a different one that 
> doesn't do this.

Most styles display a an arrow for both directions, the nice looking 
ones anyway. Of course, I could use the MS Windblows 9x style - yuk!
I'd rather check out whether "Plastik" can be configured. ;-)

>>6) Folder + Wastebasket Icons on the desktop or when using Icon View in
>>Konqueror, do not change appearance when dragging a file across (to
>>indicate the drop position). Both Winblows and Nautilus darken the
>>folder and Trash icon when dragging and dropping. Is this a bug or a
> No idea, sorry.

Do you know what I mean though? You must have used Windoze at some point 
in your life. I can't think of a system that doesn't indicate when 
you're over the folder icon or trash.

>>7) Is it possible to have a shared Wastebasket between KDE and Gnome?
> That should already work. KDE3.5 implements the trash specification GNOME and 
> KDE developers agreed on through
> There could of course be bugs in either implementation.

When I started KDE, there was no trash icon at all on the desktop. I 
created it, which resulted in a file ~/Desktop/directory.trash:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Contains removed files

This works fine in KDE. But when starting into Gnome, a desktop file 
"Wastebin" shows up on the desktop. When double-clicked, it displays the 
contents of the Gnome Trash.

However, when deleting files under KDE or in Konqueror [under Gnome], 
the files are moved to the KDE trash:/



Tarlika Elisabeth Schmitz
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