konqueror khtml default background-color

Never you mind scrpt at catholic.org
Mon Jun 5 01:08:50 BST 2006

On 03/06/2006, at 4:16 AM, Yanis Kekatos wrote:

> I agree that the problem is a web design fault.
> though, it's a reality that a lot of web-develepers use Firefox, IE to
> test their sites so they take for granted that the background color is
> white even if they haven't define it.
> So it's about what our priorities are:

Your question is really to BLOAT or not to BLOAT.

If you fill a bucket with wine it'll smell like wine, if you fill it 
with something else it will smell like something else. Does that mean 
we should redesign the bucket? Better that the user has a standards 
conformant browser that we can control to suit our wants than to have a 
browser that has an extra 3MB of code which handles kiddy-coding 

Write a style sheet for yourself and call it when you need it. If you 
write a hack to manage sub-standard code you've got plenty to do - 
there's the whole internet out there just full of it.


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