konqueror khtml default background-color

Ryo Furue furue at hawaii.edu
Tue Jun 6 04:41:04 BST 2006

Hi all,

| > I agree that the problem is a web design fault.
| > though, it's a reality that a lot of web-develepers use Firefox,
| > IE to test their sites so they take for granted that the
| > background color is white even if they haven't define it.
| > So it's about what our priorities are:
| Your question is really to BLOAT or not to BLOAT.
| If you fill a bucket with wine it'll smell like wine, if you fill it 
| with something else it will smell like something else. Does that mean 
| we should redesign the bucket?

I think we all agree that it's those webpages, not Konqueror, which
are broken.  No question about that.  I also understand your
sentiment: It is those webpages which are broken.  Why should we "fix"
Konqueror, which isn't broken.

But, let's consider this.  I also have a similar sentiment towards
theives.  I hate to carry keys to my apartment. (I may lose them,
I may be locked out, leaving the keys inside, etc.) I want to leave
my door always open.  It'd be much more convenient.  Still, I would
say that a house with locks is a better house than one without locks,
because we don't know how to get rid of theives.

Similarly, I think Konqueror will be a better piece of software
if it can handle those broken pages gracefully, because we
don't know how to force the designers of those pages to fix them.

| Your question is really to BLOAT or not to BLOAT.
I agree that this is a relevent question.  And I think
a feature to handle page colors gracefully even when
the page is broken is worth a little bit of code-bloat,
just as I think the "lock"-bloat of a house is worth it. :-)

Of course, since I'm not a developer of Konqueror, I don't
know exactly how much efforts are required to achieve that,
so my comment on the "little bit of code-bloat" could be wrong.
Since you recommended a custom style-sheet solution, however,
I just guessed that if that's an easy solution, the required
modification to Konqueror wouldn't be much, either.

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