Questions after 3.5 Upgrade on Fedora

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at
Mon Jan 30 07:58:59 GMT 2006

Dave McDonald wrote:

> I upgraded my KDE from the distributed Fedora Core 4 version to 3.5 and
> I am having some confusion about setting settings, menus, etc. I'm not
> sure if this is related to Fedora sharing menu items between KDE and
> Gnome, but I can't find answers to the following questions:
> 1. When I try to launch the menu editor from the context menu on the "K"
> icon, nothing happens - I can start the application from the terminal
> command line.

Bizarre. Can you start it from K menu -> Settings -> Menu Editor?

> 2. The User's Guide discusses adding "Special Buttons" to the Kicker by
> using the context menu, but my context menu doesn't have "Special
> Buttons" as an option.

They're now listed under the "Add applet to panel" dialog. Could you point
me to the exact place in the User Guide that has the confusing/incorrect
information, so it can be corrected.

> 3. When I started up (and when I regenerated the menus) the KDE
> configuration tools (like menu editor, configuration manager, help
> center, etc) were  not on the menus  and  had to be added manually.  I'm
> not sure how many kde components are actually missing. Is there a way to
> reset the  menus to an  initial "out of the box"  state? Even when  I
> manually recycled the  menus, they only went back to  pre-3.5-upgrade
> level not  back  to a  completely new  (and fully populated) state.

Rename ~/.local and ~/.config . Your distro might use some other directories
too, I suppose - check the XDG_DATA_HOME and XDG_DATA_DIRS environment
variables. (I think that's what they're called. Check the user guide,
section "KDE for Admins")

> 4. I can't find in the kicker configuration screens any way to disable
> the large (1" high) tooltips that come up for the kicker icons. I can
> disable the desktop tooltips but not the kicker ones.

Control center -> desktop -> panels -> appearance -> enable icon mouseover

> I'm beginning to to suspect that something went wrong during the upgrade
> - it that is so, is there a procedure to eliminate any pre-3.5
> definitions and start clean?

The best way to check whether this is the case is to create a new user and
start KDE with that user. If everything works with that user, it's a config
problem; if the same problem occurs, it's an installation or KDE

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