Questions after 3.5 Upgrade on Fedora

Dave McDonald drmcdona at
Mon Jan 30 03:52:54 GMT 2006

I upgraded my KDE from the distributed Fedora Core 4 version to 3.5 and 
I am having some confusion about setting settings, menus, etc. I'm not 
sure if this is related to Fedora sharing menu items between KDE and 
Gnome, but I can't find answers to the following questions:

1. When I try to launch the menu editor from the context menu on the "K" 
icon, nothing happens - I can start the application from the terminal 
command line.
2. The User's Guide discusses adding "Special Buttons" to the Kicker by 
using the context menu, but my context menu doesn't have "Special 
Buttons" as an option.
3. When I started up (and when I regenerated the menus) the KDE 
configuration tools (like menu editor, configuration manager, help 
center, etc) were  not on the menus  and  had to be added manually.  I'm 
not sure how many kde components are actually missing. Is there a way to 
reset the  menus to an  initial "out of the box"  state? Even when  I 
manually recycled the  menus, they only went back to  pre-3.5-upgrade 
level not  back  to a  completely new  (and fully populated) state.
4. I can't find in the kicker configuration screens any way to disable 
the large (1" high) tooltips that come up for the kicker icons. I can 
disable the desktop tooltips but not the kicker ones.

I'm beginning to to suspect that something went wrong during the upgrade 
- it that is so, is there a procedure to eliminate any pre-3.5 
definitions and start clean?


Dave McDonald    
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