Moving mail over to kmail 1.8.2

jeff grant kubin3 at
Sat Jan 28 22:34:30 GMT 2006

On Saturday 28 January 2006 21:33, John_82 at wrote:
> Hi
> Well I copied all of my mail to a cd (cur directory) and then placed them
> in the correct place on the new installation fired up kmail and thought
> great as they all seemed to be there - clicked on one and lo - it changed
> to "no subject" etc.
> What have I done wrong please? I still have my previous installation on
> other discs.

I'm using PCLinuxOS and I've had precisely the same thing happen. I work on 
two separate computers in two different locations and I need to copy all my 
Kontact data from one to the other. I cannot, whatever I do, copy KMail. 
Precisely the same thing happens - from the headers it seems it's all come 
across. Until I click on one of them, and like you all I get is 'No Subject'. 
Though I'm a very old hand at Windoze and new to Linux, something in my water 
tells me that  this is a Kmail problem and not to do with the distro. I've 
even tried copying the Kmail folder to a CD. Exactly the same thing - the 
headers are copied,  but as soon as you click on one you get 'No Subject'. 
Somebody in this Linux-erudite forum must surely know what's going on here. 

Jeff in London UK
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