Setting up Kbear using fish

Nigel Henry cave.dnb at
Fri Jan 27 22:20:31 GMT 2006

On Friday 27 January 2006 21:59, SOTL wrote:
> Hi All
> I am trying to set up fish using Kbear.
> I have fish working using Konqueror and I can transfer files between two
> computers located at &.103 by using fish and Konqueror.
> I can not transfer files betweed the same two computers using fish in Kbear
> thus I am assuming that I do not have Kbear configured correctly. I do not
> have an ftp server on the system and do not believe on is necessary if one
> can transfer files by means of Konqueror but this has been suggested as a
> source of the problem so I will mention it but I do not believe that this
> idea is correct.
> I do not have a copy of a How-to for Kbear and do not know where to get
> one. A How-to would be nice.
> Any help would be appreciated.

Hi SOTL. Fish uses SSH. When you connect to another machine for the first 
time, a key is created in /home/user-name/.ssh/known_hosts. I have had 
problems with this. I have many distro's on one of my two machines. Some had 
the same IP address. I wondered why I had problems connecting to distro's 
with the same IP address, until I discovered this file. Now I have made sure 
to have unique addresses for all the distro's that run on this machine. I 
wonder if, as your use of Konqueror using Fish to connect to the other 
machine has created a key which is is specific to using Konqueror. I would 
suggest removing the key in /home/user-name/.ssh/known_hosts, then trying to 
connect with Kbear. If this doesn't work. Using Konqueror, fish directed to 
the other machine, will simply create a new key, and you should be able to 
access the other machine again from Konqueror. 

Incidentally, I don't have Kbear. Where did you find it? Nigel.

ps: I'm on FC2 at the moment.
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