problem - blue grid of squares

Jonathan Maia jonathanmaia at
Fri Jan 27 11:16:00 GMT 2006

Hello friends, I'm having one problem with  my kde !!!
Recently, i installed kde 3.5 in my debian using apt-get!
Kdm is starting without problems, kde too, but every time that I open
a GUI program in Kde (every time that a window is opened), togueder
with aplication window, a kind of  "blue grid of litlle squares"
appears too, so I cant use the program because sometimes these litlle
squares stay over the widgets!! To solve this, I've tried to reinstall
Qt library, but the problem did not stop.

I'm sorry for my grammar erros in english, but is because I'm form
Brazil and I'm still learning this language!!

Thank you all !!!
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