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kitts kitts at
Fri Jan 20 17:45:11 GMT 2006

On Friday 20 January 2006 01:01 IST, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > I do not mind putting up a higher config for the server. I could make
> > my existing PC; an AMD64 3000+ with 1Gig of RAM be the server while i
> > personally use a laptop.
> It might be better to use a dedicated machine as the firewall, so it can
> be really locked down, etc.
> Depending on your specific needs it might even be recommendable to use an
> firewall appliance, for example something like this:

I might rather take this route when i want to have my server do other stuff. 
I have had the linksys WRT54GS in mind. It has wireless... But here i need 
to learn how i can protect my LAN and internet usage with the wireless 
router. I am yet to learn and understand this, and i think it is worth it.

It is about a year now since i shifted to using linux from the 'other OS' 
and it took me less than a month or two, before i started exclusively using 
and then evangelizing Linux and KDE. As Nigel mentioned in the other 
post... it is definitely worth it. :-)

> As for question no. 4:
> One word: Jabber, because you can install your own Jabber server, there
> are several clients for a lot of platforms and only have to allow one
> specific machine (the one the Jabber server is running on) to connect to
> the Internet for external IM usage

OK. Does jabber support audio / video? I think it supports audio considering 
that Google talk uses the jabber protocol and they do have voice...


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