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jeff grant kubin3 at
Mon Jan 9 04:43:32 GMT 2006

On Sunday 08 January 2006 14:55, Paul Kaplan wrote:
> >I had much the same thing until I played around with the ports and with
> >the
> >security settings -  i.e. whether the server requires encryption and
> >what
> >authentication method. Clicking to check what the server required -
> >which
> >sounds like a pretty sound notion - didn't help at all (!) so I had to
> >try
> >out different combinations till I found one that did work. If it's of
> >any
> >help my smtp now works perfectly with no encryption and LOGIN
> >authentication.
> >The port I'm using is 587.
> So far no luck.  But doesn't the "Unrecognized transport protocol..."
> message and the fact that this wasn't a problem until the upgrade
> suggest that the problem is in kmail, not a server authentication or
> port problem?
> Where did you look to trouble shoot?
> Paul
Hi Paul, 

I'm talking here as a newcomer to Linux - though a very old hand at Windoze - 
so take what I say with the appropriate pinch of salt, even though I actually 
got Kmail to work perfectly. Messages such as the one you cite - certainly in 
Windows and maybe from time to time in Linux also - aren't always to be taken 
as gospel in terms of the problem they appear to highlight - in other words, 
the transport protocol - whatever that is - might not be precisely the  
problem. At one point in my attempts to get this right I had exactly the same 
message come up. I found that I had put in my own name in the top line of the 
'General' tab and it was telling me therefore that it didn't recognize a 
'Jeff Grant transport protocol. When I changed that to AOL - yes, that's my 
ISP, believe it or not - I got a different message, That in itself didn't  
solve the problem because I then got a series of other messages in subsequent 
attempts. In the end, as I said before, I simply played around until I found 
a combination of things that worked and still continues to work. And as for 
trouble-shooting, that's all I did. I'd learned from using Mozilla 
Thunderbird in Windows that you needed to get the port and the security 
combinations exactly right. 

I hope that's of some help. I don't know enough about Kmail to know whether or 
not your problem's caused by a bug in it, but something in my water tells me 
it's not and that it's to do with some aspect of configuration. 

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