kmail send problem

Paul Kaplan pkaplan1 at
Sun Jan 8 20:55:06 GMT 2006

>I had much the same thing until I played around with the ports and with
>security settings -  i.e. whether the server requires encryption and
>authentication method. Clicking to check what the server required -
>sounds like a pretty sound notion - didn't help at all (!) so I had to
>out different combinations till I found one that did work. If it's of
>help my smtp now works perfectly with no encryption and LOGIN
>The port I'm using is 587. 

So far no luck.  But doesn't the "Unrecognized transport protocol..."
message and the fact that this wasn't a problem until the upgrade
suggest that the problem is in kmail, not a server authentication or
port problem?

Where did you look to trouble shoot?

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