kmail send problem

jeff grant kubin3 at
Mon Jan 9 01:41:39 GMT 2006

On Sunday 08 January 2006 12:54, Paul Kaplan wrote:
> I've never previously had a problem sending mail from kmail on this box
> (or any other) using kde since 1.0.  Most recently w/ kmail 1.8 I was
> fine from this box connecting to a POP3 server.
> Since upgrading to kde3.5/kmail1.9 I am able only to receive mail but I
> can't send anything.  I am met with "Transport protocol unrecognized.
> Unable to send message"  I can ping my smtp server and I am sending this
> e-mail from Evolution, so the box seems to be OK.
> Is this a bug?  If not, any suggestions?

I had much the same thing until I played around with the ports and with the 
security settings -  i.e. whether the server requires encryption and what 
authentication method. Clicking to check what the server required - which 
sounds like a pretty sound notion - didn't help at all (!) so I had to try 
out different combinations till I found one that did work. If it's of any 
help my smtp now works perfectly with no encryption and LOGIN authentication. 
The port I'm using is 587. 

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