infra-red remote control for KDE applications?

Markus Grabner grabner at
Mon Jan 2 21:39:33 GMT 2006

	Hi all!

    I recently tried to remote control KDE applications with an infra-red 
device and have been successful to a certain extent. In particular, I used 
irkick to
*) assign buttons on the remote control to functions registered with DCOP,
*) assign buttons to actions by calling the "activateAction" DCOP function.
However, none of the applications I tried (kaffeine, amarok, konqueror and 
some others) exports the interface to operate the integrated file browser to 
external applications. All of them have the "next" and "previous" functions 
remote controllable, but I didn't find a way to go up or down one row in the 
icon view (corresponding to the "cursor up" and "cursor down" keys). Browsing 
a large repository (e.g., a photo album) just by "next" and "previous" is 
very cumbersome, the "up" and "down" directions would really help here.

So my questions are:
*) Are those "up" and "down" functions, which are available on the keyboard, 
exported via DCOP, as actions, or by any other method?
*) Is it possible to simulate a keypress in a KDE application in response to 
an event triggered by the infrared receiver?

	Thanks & kind regards,

Markus Grabner - Computer Graphics and Vision
Graz University of Technology, Inffeldgasse 16/II, 8010 Graz, Austria
Phone: +43/316/873-5041, Fax: +43/316/873-5050
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