infra-red remote control for KDE applications?

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Hi Markus,

On Monday 02 January 2006 22:39, Markus Grabner wrote:
> 	Hi all!
>     I recently tried to remote control KDE applications with an infra-red
> device and have been successful to a certain extent. In particular, I used
> irkick to
> *) assign buttons on the remote control to functions registered with DCOP,
> *) assign buttons to actions by calling the "activateAction" DCOP function.
> However, none of the applications I tried (kaffeine, amarok, konqueror and
> some others) exports the interface to operate the integrated file browser
> to external applications. All of them have the "next" and "previous"
> functions remote controllable, but I didn't find a way to go up or down one
> row in the icon view (corresponding to the "cursor up" and "cursor down"
> keys). Browsing a large repository (e.g., a photo album) just by "next" and
> "previous" is very cumbersome, the "up" and "down" directions would really
> help here.
> So my questions are:
> *) Are those "up" and "down" functions, which are available on the
> keyboard, exported via DCOP, as actions, or by any other method?

Some applications have the Qt<>DCOP Bridge enabled, i.e. an interface to call 
slots of Qt objects through DCOP

You can get a list by calling the function "objects" of interface "qt" on the 
commandline or in KDCOP, for example

dcop konqueror-somePID qt objects

and search there, e.g. using grep

"up" for example would be

dcop konqueror-PID qt/KXMLGUIClient-KActionCollection/up activate

> *) Is it possible to simulate a keypress in a KDE application in response
> to an event triggered by the infrared receiver?

I think there is an X11 application that can generate X11 events for a 
specified target window


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