home files deletion after upgrading from 3.2 to 3.4

Konstantin Münning konstantin at muenning.com
Mon Jan 2 17:16:28 GMT 2006

Hi Again!

I think I have found the base of the problem but it confirms that
there's a bug somewhere in the responsible code.

The deletion (move to trash) happens when on login the directory .local
does not exist. Maybe it's only when the .local/share/Trash does not
exist but I haven't tried that.

So when the trash directory is created all files/dirs from users home
are moved therein. When this directory already exists everthing seems to
be OK.

Interestingly only this one user apparently did not have that directory
so I encountered that bug. I don't know why. The former kde version was
3.2, the new one is 3.4 and the distribution is Gentoo.

If anybody is interested in fixing it... :-)

Have a nice day,

Konstantin Münning wrote:
> Hi Folks!
> Starting the new year I decided it would be a good point to upgrade all
> office PCs from kde 3.2 to kde 3.4. And now there is something VERY
> confusing as I haven't found a word about it in mailing list archives or
> Google.
> On (at least) one of the users when logging in for the first time ALL
> files/dirs from the home directory are moved to
> .local/share/Trash/files/, kde creates a directory .kde3.4,  .kde (real
> one, not a link to .kde3.4 as usual), Desktop etc. and kde reports an
> error about an error process which cannot connect when starting
> klauncher (that's only an approximate translation as the user's language
> is Bulgarian and I have no idea what the "real" english message is).
> Logging out and in again the user can work normally except that he is
> missing ALL his personal files.
> So moving all files back from the trash is only half the issue as all
> settings of kde are gone and copying them back only makes kde to
> "delete" them again on next login.
> Any ideas what part/setting of kde is doing this? This seems to me as a
> severe bug as deleting all your files is not a small issue. And as the
> new Desktop misses the trash bin "regular" users would have no chance to
> find their files ever again....
> On another user on the same system everything went as expected so there
> should be something in his config. I haven't tried all other users as
> loosing their files may cause quite a panic...
> Or should I direct my mail to any other list?
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