home files deletion after upgrading from 3.2 to 3.4

Konstantin Münning konstantin at muenning.com
Mon Jan 2 15:32:53 GMT 2006

Hi Folks!

Starting the new year I decided it would be a good point to upgrade all
office PCs from kde 3.2 to kde 3.4. And now there is something VERY
confusing as I haven't found a word about it in mailing list archives or

On (at least) one of the users when logging in for the first time ALL
files/dirs from the home directory are moved to
.local/share/Trash/files/, kde creates a directory .kde3.4,  .kde (real
one, not a link to .kde3.4 as usual), Desktop etc. and kde reports an
error about an error process which cannot connect when starting
klauncher (that's only an approximate translation as the user's language
is Bulgarian and I have no idea what the "real" english message is).

Logging out and in again the user can work normally except that he is
missing ALL his personal files.

So moving all files back from the trash is only half the issue as all
settings of kde are gone and copying them back only makes kde to
"delete" them again on next login.

Any ideas what part/setting of kde is doing this? This seems to me as a
severe bug as deleting all your files is not a small issue. And as the
new Desktop misses the trash bin "regular" users would have no chance to
find their files ever again....

On another user on the same system everything went as expected so there
should be something in his config. I haven't tried all other users as
loosing their files may cause quite a panic...

Or should I direct my mail to any other list?
Konstantin Münning
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