idea for saving files with "tags"

Mark Stosberg mark-WmyhgDpj2fCHT8/ATrE1yw at
Tue Feb 28 18:53:33 GMT 2006


Here's the idea I thought of over lunch for a way to use tagging to
supplement the standard file storage scheme. 

 - When saving a file, there could be a new "tags" field, as is used
   on, etc, where several tags could be entered,
   possibly with auto-complete of known tags. 

 - For each tag, a symbolic link would be created to the file in 
   such as:  

   That would allow the "tags" to be useful to all applications.

 - Using the "inotify" Linux kernel code that Beagle and Kat use, 
   actual locations of the saved files could be monitored, keeping
   the symlinks for the tags up-to-date.

 - When opening files, there could optionally be a "Tags" icon to take
   you the tags folder or perhaps even a more sophicated UI for
   selecting files that match multiple tags, that doesn't seem

It seems simple and useful to me.


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