detaching a (non-KDE) program window from a frozen KDE desktop

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Thu Feb 23 12:41:30 GMT 2006

On Thursday 23 February 2006 13:26, Sebastian Reitenbach wrote:

> As the technique is based on dcop, it is only working for dcop aware kde
> applications. What can I do to save work in non-KDE applications?
> Does there exist an other generic KDE way to tell other applications to
> save their work?
> Or does this has to be a feature of the application in question?
> Or is there a way to tell the application in question to suspend to the
> background in that way when the KDE gets killed and restarted the
> application is not affected. After a restart of KDE i tell the application
> to come back with all the unsaved work?

As I wrote before it might be possible with a saved session.
Check that you have session management configured to start with a manually 
saved session and then save such a session with open documents and see if 
restoring the session (i.e. logging in again) restores the documents as well.

> I mean such a functionality screen offers for the command line, i login to
> a host via ssh start a screen session. there I start a tasks that will last
> very long. Therefore I can send the screen to the background, and log off
> leaving the job running. Later I can come back, and reattach to the screen
> session.

The problem is that you are not only killing KDE but the X server, which means 
all X11 application loose their X connection.

Technically it would be possible for applications to try re-establishing the 
connection, but usually applications quit on connection loss as this is very 
often the expected behaviour (i.e. users expect CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE to kill 
all applications as well so they can login into a fresh session)

Can you check if just KDE is frozen, or if the X server stops responding?

For example by logging in on a virtual console or through SSH, setting the 
DISPLAY variable to point to the running X server and start xeyes. If they 
xeyes program continues to work KDE is frozen and could be restarted without 
an X server shutdown. If it doesn't work as well, the problem runs deeper


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