detaching a (non-KDE) program window from a frozen KDE desktop

Sebastian Reitenbach itlistuser at
Thu Feb 23 12:26:43 GMT 2006


thanks to all replies to the other thread on how to tell applications to save 
their contents via command line because of a frozen desktop. 

As the technique is based on dcop, it is only working for dcop aware kde 
applications. What can I do to save work in non-KDE applications? 
Does there exist an other generic KDE way to tell other applications to save 
their work?
Or does this has to be a feature of the application in question?

Or is there a way to tell the application in question to suspend to the 
background in that way when the KDE gets killed and restarted the application 
is not affected. After a restart of KDE i tell the application to come back 
with all the unsaved work?

I mean such a functionality screen offers for the command line, i login to a 
host via ssh start a screen session. there I start a tasks that will last very 
long. Therefore I can send the screen to the background, and log off leaving 
the job running. Later I can come back, and reattach to the screen session.

kind regards

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