possible bug: keyboard layouts

Mage mage at mage.hu
Thu Feb 23 13:57:59 GMT 2006


I use two layouts, English and Hungarian, on every OS I touch. Hungarian 
is "qwertz" default, but I always switch to querty. The querty Hungarian 
has been a standalone layout in KDE for a while, but after some upgrade 
with debian SID, it became a variant of the qwertz Hungarian. Since it 
happend it usually "forgets" its qwerty variant when I switch between 
apps or open popup windows in browsers. It becomes qwertz hungarian.

I downgraded to etch some weeks ago, most of kde packages were changed 
after the downgrade, but the problem still exists.

The only solution I found is to change the layout behavior from 
application to global, however it is annoying.


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