Can't access the panel configuration

Schimara Marek marecek at
Fri Feb 10 22:04:50 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I have upgraded KDE to 3.5.1-1 today (Fedora 3, 2.6.12 kernel) and the panel configuration has disappeared - the page in the control centre is just empty! I already tried to delete whole ~/.kde/ directory but the problem remains.

All the files under /usr/share/applnk/Settings/LookNFeel/ look like this:

   [Desktop Entry]

The same goes for the files in my home directory. Is this normal? And am I looking at the right place?

Here is the listing of my ~/.kde/applnk/Settings/ dir:

[cheeky at cheeky Settings]$ ls -R
Information  LookNFeel  Network  System  WebBrowsing


kcmtaskbar.desktop  panel_appearance.desktop  panel.desktop  Themes




khtml_appearance.desktop  nsplugin.desktop  smb.desktop

Any help will be appreciated..


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